Heartworm Testing for Pets

Blood tests, preventives, and treatment ensure your pet remains free of heartworms.

Heartworm disease can greatly impact pets’ health, causing lung disease, heart failure and lasting damage to other parts of the body. The disease is spread by heartworms who inhabit furry friends, progressively causing more health complications. It’s important for your pet to have regular heartworm testing to ensure we can detect early signs of the fatal disease.

Why does my pet need heartworm testing?

Since heartworm disease is potentially fatal, it’s important to get your pet tested. In the early stages of the disease, many pets are asymptomatic, which makes it more difficult to diagnose them without a test. If the disease is detected early, we’re can create a treatment plan that will help your pet make a full recovery. Dogs are more likely to have heartworm disease so yearly tests are recommended. If you’d like to schedule a test for your pet or discuss preventative measures you can take against heartworms, please contact us at 403-335-3519.

How is testing performed?

Our expert veterinarians will take a small blood sample from your pet. Heartworms leave traces of protein in your pet’s body detected via the test. If heartworms are detected, we might conduct additional tests to confirm the diagnosis.

What happens if my pet has a positive heartworm test?

Heartworms affect dogs and cats differently so treatment will be individualised for your pet. We will construct a treatment plan that meets your pet’s needs, which might look like medications for dogs or other veterinary care for cats (since there are no cat-approved heartworm diseases treatments). Your pet will receive the best kind of care we can offer them.

How do heartworms affect pets?

Heartworm diseases impact each pet differently. Some pets experience no symptoms in the early stages while others cough, lose their appetite and are extremely tired. If left untreated, heartworm disease can be fatal for pets. Heartworms, like the name suggests, target your pet’s heart as well as other vital organs like the lungs and blood vessels. Heartworm testing is an important measure to protect your pet against health complications.

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