Senior Care for Pets

Providing specialized care and monitoring for cats and dogs in their golden years.

Age is just a number but for pets, they’re sometimes aging at triple the rate of humans. As our pets get older, the type of care they receive needs to age with them. This means reassessing the ways their needs are being met to ensure we are providing as much support as possible. Thanks to advances in the medical field, we have tools and resources that help pets live longer lives. We want to do our best to provide quality care so your pet is around for a long time, and have more good days than bad.

What are signs my pet is aging?

You know your pet best so you have unique insight into subtle and major differences in their behaviour/appearance. Symptoms include if they are:

  • Less active or playful with your family
  • Spending more time than usual sleeping
  • Significant lost or gained
  • Less likely to reach or jump to their favourite spots
  • Not responding when you call them
  • Eating less of food they enjoy
  • Seeming more reserved and not wanting to interact

Are there health issues I should look out for in my senior pet?

Yes, as your pet ages, they might develop health issues they didn’t experience earlier in life. Some pets develop diseases like cancer, health failure, diabetes, kidney and renal failure. It’s important to be vigilant about even minor changes in your pet because they can be early signs of these health issues. Some of these signs might look like changes in their bathroom schedules, amount of movement and level of thirst.

How can I give my pet a good quality of life as they age?

Depending on your pet’s unique needs, our team can recommend specific ways you can ensure they maintain a high quality of life. For example, some pets develop arthritis as they age. Our team offers laser therapy that helps ease the aches and pains of pets with arthritis. Please contact us at 403-335-3519 to discuss ways we can support your senior pets.

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