Vaccines for Kittens & Cats

Protect your feline friend from Rabies, FVRCP, Leukemia, and more with a vaccination plan.

Vaccinating your pets is an important step in protecting them against preventable diseases. By jumpstarting your pet’s immune system to create antibodies, vaccines help them fight against potential infections. It’s important to start vaccinating your kittens as early as possible so they can receive subsequent booster shots as they get older, helping them to be fully immunized against certain diseases. Our team will consult with you about the vaccinations to support your pet’s health.

Why does my pet need vaccines?

Vaccines are beneficial for your pet because they help them build immunity against harmful and fatal diseases. Some widespread diseases can cause irreparable harm to your pet, impacting their quality of life. To ensure your pet lives the longest life possible, it’s important to use the advancements of modern medicine to our advantage. Vaccines are usually given to kittens before they turn 5-months old, followed by booster shots as they grow into adult cats.

What are core vaccines?

Core vaccines are the ones our veterinary team will recommend to protect your pet against the most contagious diseases. Non-core vaccines are recommended if your pet is at high risk for contracting some diseases based on factors like their environment. Core vaccines we recommend provide protection against:

  • Feline Panleukopenia (Cat flu): Causes symptoms like vomiting, fever and can be fatal.
  • Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis (Herpes virus) and Calicivirus: Causes cold-like symptoms like runny eyes and nose.
  • Rabies: Causes fatal brain and spinal cord damage.
  • Feline Leukemia Virus: Causes a range of health issues like tumours. Kittens under one are most likely to get the disease but adult cats who regularly go outside should also get the vaccine.

Are there other options besides vaccines?

Vaccines are the best way to protect your pet against fatal diseases. Though there are some risks involved in vaccinating your pet, we believe the pros far outweigh the potential cons. If you need further information about the vaccines we recommend for your pet as well as if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at 403-335-3519.

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