Vaccines for Puppies & Dogs

Maintain your dog's immunity from harmful diseases with a vaccination plan.

Vaccines are an important part of your furry friend’s overall health. They help your pet’s immune system to develop fighter cells that attack harmful diseases, often detrimental to their health. By getting your pet vaccinated, you’re immunizing them against diseases that could be fatal. We want to make sure your pet is a part of your family for as long as possible by providing them with necessary vaccines at every necessary stage of their lives, from the early months of puppy years all the way until boosters as adult dogs.

Are vaccines 100% effective?

No, they’re not but they are a highly effective method for protecting most dogs against harmful diseases. For older dogs, vaccines limit the severity of the disease or symptoms they experience if they contract it. Most fully vaccinated dogs are less likely to contract diseases they’re vaccinated against, especially if they received scheduled doses on time. Puppies receive a series of vaccines up until they turn 6-months old, which is followed by boosters throughout their years as adult dogs. If your canine friend doesn’t have a vaccine plan or is due for their next vaccine, please contact our veterinary team at 403-335-3519.

What vaccines does my dog need?

Your veterinarian can assess your canine friend’s individual needs to create a vaccination plan. Generally, there are a few core vaccines your pet will receive against the most common and contagious diseases. Core vaccines include protecting against:

  • Canine Distemper: Causes complications in core internal functions, including digestive, respiratory and nervous system.
  • Canine Hepatitis: Causes liver problems and respiratory damage, leading to death.
  • Canine Parvovirus: Causes damage to the digestive system and is fatal
  • Rabies: Causes fatal brain and spinal cord damage.

Veterinarians might also recommend non-core vaccines if your pet is at a higher risk of contracting some diseases based on factors like their environment, overall health, age, etc. Some of these include protection against:

  • Bordetellosis: Causes respiratory issues and can lead to pneumonia.
  • Borreliosis (Lyme disease): Causes kidney, joint and heart issues.
  • Coronavirus: Causes digestive issues.
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