Coggins Testing for Travel

Our accredited veterinarians administer the test before your horse’s upcoming travel and shows.

A Coggins Test is essential for horses with upcoming shows or plans to travel overseas. Since the test can only be administered by an accredited veterinarian, our team has the necessary credentials to support you. By taking a blood sample, we determine if your horse is a carrier of the viral infection Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA). Once contracted, it never leaves the body and can be transmitted to other horses. 

How soon should the test be done before travel? 

Depending on where your horse is travelling as well as the type of show they’re participating in, we recommend consulting with our veterinary team far in advance. Coggins testing is a multistep process that can take weeks of processing time since bloodwork often needs to be sent to an external lab. In some cases, this could take between 2-3 weeks. To accompany the bloodwork, there is comprehensive paperwork we are required to fill out. For example, horses travelling to the USA require testing within 180 days of their trip. The test results are typically valid for a year. To ensure the test is performed within the correct timeframe, please contact us to book an appointment at 403-335-3519.

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