Equine Dentistry Services

Dental checkups alleviate pain and discomfort caused by dental disease, fractured teeth, and more.

Like humans, horses have two sets of teeth, including temporary ones before their permanent adult teeth. Regular checkups ensure their teeth are developing properly and there aren’t any complications. In addition, horses chew their food side to side, which creates sharp points in their teeth. If not regularly checked, this could damage their soft tissue. 

What type of dental issues are horses prone to? 

Horses can develop dental disease, abnormal bites, discomfort as well as fractured or broken teeth. With regular checkups, we are able to identify these issues early on and address them accordingly. For example, horses’ teeth have evolved due to domestication changing their feeding patterns. Since they chew side to side, this can create sharp points in the teeth. While your horse is sedated, we use our Power Float to remove these potential harm points that could cause discomfort and cuts on the cheeks and tongue. If you suspect your horse has a dental issue, please contact us at 403-335-3519.

How often does my horse need a dental visit? 

For a healthy adult horse, we recommend yearly dental checkups. If your horse is younger or a senior, they will need more frequent visits. A routine checkup can take between 15-20 minutes, where we perform a physical examination and address any dental issues. Paying attention to bad breath, swollen face, difficulty chewing or nasal discharge could help you identify potential dental issues that may require scheduling an appointment. During a dental visit, we can address your horse’s fractured teeth, gum disease, cheek tooth infection and development issues. 

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