Equine Vaccine Schedule

Vaccine protocols protect your horse against harmful preventable diseases that cause health issues.

Horses live near each other in stables, which can increase the likelihood of contracting preventable diseases. If your horse travels regularly, this could also increase the risk of potential diseases or infections they are susceptible to. Vaccination is the best way to safeguard your horse against these potential threats to their health. 

Which vaccinations does my horse need? 

Our veterinary team will tailor your horse’s vaccine protocol, based on their specific needs. Our vaccine protocols ensure vaccines are administered correctly so they can be most effective for your horse. For example, horses who regularly travel overseas or are part of shows could need specific vaccines to build their immunity against diseases. Once a horse is injected with a vaccine via their nose or muscle, their immune system starts developing antibodies to fight against that disease, if they ever come into contact with it. If you have questions about vaccines, please contact us at 403-335-3519.

We recommend vaccinating your horse against: 

  • Equine influenza (flu-like disease, commonly affecting young horses) 
  • Tetanus (fatal disease, causing progressively worse muscle spasms and stiffness)
  • Equine herpes virus (respiratory disease, which can cause stillbirths and paralysis) 
  • Rotavirus (causes diarrhea)
  • Equine Viral Arteritis (flu-like respiratory disease, similar to pink eye)
  • West Nile Virus
  • Rabies
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